Boca Bay


A country in Europe, where one of the largest increases in foreign investment in the premium real estate sector and tourism was recorded. We offer the pearl of the Adriatic Sea that enjoys the sun for 270 days a year (average).


Fisher Island


An oasis of luxury, prestige and comfort, just a stone’s throw away from downtown Miami as well as the fantastic beaches at Miami Beach. Our real estate guarantees high quality accommodation with privacy assured.


Złota 44


The tallest apartment building in the European Union designed by world-famous architect, Daniel Liebeskind. The most prestigious address in Warsaw ensuring the highest standard of living. In our view, it represents the best real estate investment in the centre of Warsaw.




Costa Blanca is one of the most dynamically developing regions in Spain. The sun can be enjoyed for 300 days a year (average). A house with a sea view and view of possibly the best golf course in the European Union? Or maybe a house or apartment with a view of Ibiza? The choice is yours!


The King has luxurious existence. His home is a safe, comfortable and modern place. We offer professional help with the purchase of real estate around the world for the most demanding customers. The presented properties are subject to detailed legal and technical verification. We provide a quality service and handle transactions professionally and diligently whilst respecting your time. Tell us what you need and we will prepare a personalized service for you.


Perfect for the lion and his family we offer properties that are safe, spacious and functional, yet stylish and elegant. The house is the lion’s home. Space that is worth his authority is our specialty. Home is an ecosystem of family life, in which household members, architecture, space, greenery, technology and the environment coexist in symbiosis. The houses offered by Lion’s are full of joy and comfort, beautiful and at the same time offering remarkable functionality.


The property market in Poland grows rapidly and is increasingly attractive to investors. Selecting the location fit for a lion becomes more and more difficult. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer exclusive apartments which have good investment potential. By buying with Lion’s you can be sure that your investment meets the highest world standards.


Selection of the best locations from around the world. Selected by Lion’s specialists and legally verified for Local regulations. Both in the centers of the metropolis and exotic unpopulated paradises. Our portfolio of investment locations will allow you to multiply your capital but also find a place for a converted house in any country. We advise, verify legally, provide information and support at every stage of the investment.



Selling a property can be time-consuming. Lion’s will complete all formalities for you and ensure financial and legal security of transactions so that you can spend your time as you wish. The seller and buyer’s complete satisfaction is our goal. We believe in transparency and building long-term client relationships.



Luxury is for us a synonym of elegance and personalized functionality. Space for the King and his family. His home provides security and we are conscious of this from the outset. The properties we offer are of the highest quality and have been thoroughly vetted by ourselves.



We are an agency that helps in the in buying and selling of luxury and ultra-luxury properties. We specialize in serving demanding customers in the premium sector. The lion is the king of the animal world. His family is the most important and that’s how we perceive our clients. We are experts and advisors – we care about your comfort and safety. We adhere to the highest ethical and business standards. We have experience in the Polish market but also have international expertise. We have access to numerous contacts in legal, technical and financial consultancy fields. This allows us to comprehensively and objectively estimate the value of the property. We verify the property that we offer and help sellers in the professional adaptation of the properties. All our properties meet the highest criteria and satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. At the same time, we guarantee the transparency of commissions and transactions, which makes our properties very attractive investments.


The properties we offer.
The properties we present are only available through us.

The price.
The basis of our commission is totally transparent, fair and reasonable.

The quality of service.
Our agents are fully qualified, professional and highly experienced. They offer high-quality service.

The quality of the presented properties.
All properties we present are subject to detailed aesthetic, technical, legal verification and scrutiny.


Sell ​​property with Lion’s

Selling real estate requires a lot of time commitment. Lion’s takes care of all formalities and ensures financial and legal security of transactions so that you can spend it the way you want. The seller’s and buyer’s satisfaction is our goal, and the transparency and partner relationship are our key to achieving it.


We work with market leaders in the field of legal and tax services, banking, implementation and interior design. Our partners support us with expert knowledge at every stage of a transaction, guaranteeing liquidity and security. Their detailed expert opinion helps us to prepare an optimized and verified offer for you. Come and work with us and be a business partner in our business.


Please contact us to discover a world of opportunities.


Lion’s are devoted advisers, industry experts, and enthusiasts. We are agents with lots of experience and commitment, who know premium and luxury property market.

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